About Us

The idea for Massage Educator started in mid 2008. At the time, I was teaching live seminars both independently and nationally for Cross-Country Education. The economy was beginning to suffer, my class sizes were decreasing and it occurred to me that I could take the cognitive knowledge components out of my coursework and present them online. My thought was that by doing so I could offer live seminars that were shorter, less expensive and more advanced.

I called my brother, Bill, who was my unpaid IT guy, to ask him what he thought it would take to build a web site offering dynamic and highly interactive online classes to massage therapists. Over the next six months he and I worked together to figure out the intricacies of such a venture.

The original concept of Massage Educator evolved from a classroom to market my courses to more of a community oriented site. We envisioned creating a site that encouraged Holistic Healthcare Practitioners to TEACH, LEARN and SHARE knowledge. It was important to me that we not lose the benefits of live seminars - networking, collaboration, and educational tangents that result from student questions to name a few. As a result it became apparent we would need a system that would allow for a wide variety of media so we included tools that support audio, video, imagery, online chat, forums, as well as, presentation tools that allow students the ability to interact with each other and their instructor in real time.

In early 2009 I closed my successful massage practice in La Jolla, California and flew home to Georgia to work with Bill to design our new web page and determine each of our responsibilities to the company we were now partners in creating. I was to write classes and seek highly qualified educators to host their classes with us. Bill would do all things IT, build the web site and classroom infrastructure.

Bill DubisI returned to San Diego June 8, 2009 focused on course creation and design. 9 days later, before he could build a single page of our new site, Bill died from a bacterial infection. He was my brother, best friend, sounding board, business partner and web guru. He may be gone from this world, but he lives in my heart, he is with me always, in all things, acting as my inspiration from the spirit world.

Bill and I started Massage Educator and I was determined to fulfill our vision. It has been an adventure full of tears, frustration, love, devotion, spirit, and determination - my own and those that support me. And now I share it with you, but we wouldn't be here without him!

I hope you like what we created~




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