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Anthony DiTomasoAnthony DiTomaso is a health & fitness professional who is an NCBTMB certified massage therapist, Yoga Alliance certified instructor, anatomy & physiology instructor, and professional fitness model. He is also an experienced instructor in personal training, nutrition education, and 5 Element & Traditional Chinese Medicine theory. Anthony has taught introductory massage courses and continuing education seminars for massage therapists throughout the United States. Currently he resides in San Diego, CA where he maintains a successful massage & wellness practice, teaches anatomy & physiology to medical professionals, and practices yoga regularly.

“I have been a massage therapist for over ten years. Over that time I’ve had the aches and pains that most massage therapists suffer from: sore low back, tight shoulders, and of course sore hands & wrists. What has made the biggest difference for me in alleviating these pains is practicing yoga.” –Anthony DiTomaso


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