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Course Information
Q: How do I order courses online and/or complete a course?
  1. You must Log-in on our web site to register for courses
  2. Click on the course title on the course offerings page.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the “send Payment via PayPal" button or enter an enrollment key (if you have one)
  4. Once your payment is received you will receive your enrollment key.
  5. If your course does not have a start and end date you must complete the open-book test and course evaluation form at your convenience within 6 months from the date you enroll.
  6. Take your test online and receive instant grading and certificate!
    • It takes 70% correct to pass.
Q: How do I order courses by phone or email?
A: You may order courses by phone at 1-619.663.9355; by e-mail Click Here
Q: How can I pay for my course?
A: We accept PayPal. Checks and money orders may be written to Massage Educator and mailed to 6349 Caminito Andreta San Diego, CA 92111.
Q: Is there a deadline for completing the courses I order?
A: Many interactive courses have a start and end date.  Otherwise, you must complete your course within 6 months of your purchase, however, in some cases exceptions can be granted at the sole discretion of Massage Educator.
Q: How long will this course take to complete?
A: For each CE Hour of credit given, the NCBTMB expects certificates to spend 50 minutes studying and 10 minutes of break time. Each course is designed to take the same amount of time to complete as the number of hours listed for it. For example, a 3-hour course should take you about 3 hours to read the material, take the test and complete the course evaluation.
Q: How can I tell before ordering what this course might be about?
A: Our web site gives a summary of course content for each course listed. If you call 1.679.663.9355, a sales person will also be happy to help with any questions you may have.
Q: What if I am unsatisfied with my course?
A: If you're not 100% satisfied with a course, your full Tuition cost will be refunded.  NO refunds after CE certificates have been issued!
Q. What is a PDF course?
A. PDF is a format for viewing documents on your computer. You must first download and install a free program called Adobe Acrobat Reader (available from www.Adobe.com), then you can download, view and/or print any PDF document. Massage Educator offers many courses in PDF format.
Q: How do I replace or correct a receipt or certificate?
A: Click Here to report an error and request a replacement receipt or certificate. Be sure to include your name, the course title and the approximate date of your purchase, in the case of a lost receipt, or the approximate date you completed your course.
Q: How do I submit my test?
A:  Follow the test link at the end of your course to take the test.  You test will be instantly graded and your certificate will be e-mailed to you within 1 business day.
    • If you encounter problems with the online test, Report an Error for assistance
Q: What are the grading requirements for tests?
A: All tests are OPEN BOOK. It takes a score of at least 70% correct to pass.
Q: Will I receive a certificate upon completion of a course?
A: Yes, you’ll receive a Certificate of Achievement to verify that you have successfully completed the course. The certificate will be dated with the day you take your test; not the date you purchased the course. Your certificate will include all the information you need to submit the course for your renewal, e.g., our name and provider number; the title of the course; the number of CE hours and the date you passed the test.
Q: Can I retake the test if i fail?
A: If you fail the test, you may retake it at no extra charge. You may not take any test more than 3 times.
Account Information
Q: How do I change my address, email address or password?

A: On our web site, click on the following links in this order:

  • Home Page
  • Login
  • Click on your name in the upper right corner
  • Edit Profile Tab
Q: What if I've forgotten my username or password?

A: On our web site, click on the following links in this order:

  • Home Page
  • Login
  • Click on the link for forgotten username or password
Q. Do you have a newsletter?

A. Yes, we distribute a periodic newsletter by email. The newsletter shares valuable information to massage therapists and bodyworkers; introduces new courses from Massage Educator, and offers you a exclusive discounts on courses. We usually send 8 to 10 newsletters per year. To be added to the newsletter list CLICK HERE

Q: How do I unsubscribe from the e-newsletter?

A: Reply: Unsubscribe

Approval & Renewal
Q: How many hours do I need to renew?
A: The NCBTMB requires a minimum of 48 general CE hours, including 6 ethics hours, every 4 years. Two of these 6 ethics hours must be in Standard V: Roles and Boundaries. The other 4 ethics hours may be in any of the Standards. Also, if you have extra ethics hours, you can use them as general CE hours. You'll need to check with your state or other organizations for their requirements.
Q: What do I need in order to complete my renewal application?
A: To complete your state license or national certification renewal applications, simply follow the instructions they provide.
Q: Can I carry over extra CE hours into my next recertification cycle?
A: Some states allow you to carry over extra CE hours into your next recertification, but the NCBTMB no longer accepts that.
Q: Are your courses Category A?
A: The NCBTMB stopped using this label. All of our courses are fully approved by the NCBTMB. Our provider number is #451123-09.
Q: What is your NCBTMB provider number?
A: Our NCBTMB provider number is #451123-09. This information is also included on all Certificates of Achievement.
Q: Are your courses accepted by the AMTA or the ABMP?
A: Yes. Both the AMTA and the ABMP accepts all courses that are approved by NCBTMB. Our NCBTMB provider number is #451123-09.
Q. Are your courses accepted by my state?
A. Many states accept NCBTMB approved courses for renewal requirements. The responsibility for checking state approval lies with you. Please check with your State to see if they accept NCBTMB approved courses for renewal requirements.  Also check the limit for online hours accepted for renewal.
Q. Are your courses approved for nurses?
A. Not at this point.

Massage Educator is not currently accepting any course proposals.

Become an Instructor

I Want to teach, but don't know where to start!

If you haven't ever taught an online course, you may want to start by taking one. There are many great resources for educators interested in expanding their reach by teaching online.

If you have taught a course online and have original course material you would like to offer on Massage Educator, please contact Angie Dubis.

  • Online and hybrid course designs provide educators with unique opportunities to broaden the availability of their course offerings.
  • Massage Educator agrees to continually update and add functionality through plug-ins and extensions to the MOODLE class interface.

To offer classes on Massage Educator you must have:

  • A minimum of 1000 hours of Holistic Professional Training
  • 4 Years Experience - Professional and Instructional
  • written an original course offering
    1. Instructors will maintain ownership of their courses and can remove them from the system with a 60 notice and a promise to fulfill any course offerings that already have registered students.

    2. Instructors will be 100% responsible for content and course design

    3. You most agree to contribute something to My CE Wiki every month (more on this later)

    4. All continuing education courses must exceed a basic 500 hour core program

    5. It is expected that participants will receive instruction that involves interaction between themselves and the instructor.  You may interact with students in several ways, including but not limited to:
      • Online Forum
      • My CE Wiki
      • Online chat via Skype or WiZiQ
      • The telephone
      • E-Mail (MOODLE mail)

    6. Every course will complete a pilot study
NCBTMB Continuing Education Approval

If you would like to have your course approved independently of Massage Educator visit the NCBTMB.


Work Study Program

Why Does Massage Educator Have a Work Study Program?
Massage Educator is a small start-up company. If you know about start-ups, you know there is always more to do that time to do it. We figure if you can help us, then we can help you! EVERYONE wins!
Program Details

There are several work options available to those interested in earning FREE CE hours with Massage Educator. In general you will receive an equal number of CE hours to the number of hours of work you complete.


  • Help us complete our STATE BOARDS resource section.
    • There are a number of resources out there that give you contact information for all the state boards for massage. That is not what we are going for here. Massage Educator wants to develop a first hand account of what the process is to become licensed in each state. That being said, we realize all states are not regulated, but individuals in those states may have local regulations you could tell us about.
    • If you select this option a completion form will be emailed to you.

  • Share 6 Links or Resources that have been helpful to you personally.
    • Avoid shameless self promotion
    • Links must be approved by Massage Educator
    • Be sure to include a personal statement explaining how the resource was helpful to you- Your quote will appear with the resource

  • Help build myCEwiki
    • myCEwiki is currently under development
    • We need assistance with both content and web development
    • Please contact Angie Dubis directly if you are interested in this option

  • Write an article
    • Exchanging free CE hours for an original article written by you that we can publish. Articles should be about 1500 words long, and be relevant to the massage therapy field and of interest to other Massage Educator readers.
      • All submitted articles must be original, not having been published before, and not under consideration for publication elsewhere
      • All articles will be edited as necessary for content, style, clarity, grammar, and spelling
      • Articles once submitted become the property of Massage Educator
      • Email your ideas to us!

  • Participate in a Pilot Study
    • Massage Educator gives away 5 seats in the first presentation of a course to individuals who:
Terms of Use

In order to participate in Massage Educator's Work Study Program you must agree to these terms.

  • You must complete the following:

  • In the case of Pilot Study Courses
    • You must complete at least 3 hours of coursework per week or risk being unenrolled.
    • Pilot study courses are the last step before a course is offered and marketed on Massage Educator. It is imperative that pilot studies are completed in a reasonable timeframe so we can move forward with final edits before making the course available to everyone who wishes to enroll.

  • Massage Educator reserves the right to change these terms without warning or cause.
Request to Participate in Program
Request to Participate in Massage Educator's Work Study Program

First Name

Last Name
Email Address
Work Options
Please give a brief description of how you can help.
What is the time from it will take you to complete the work option you selected?
Terms of Use


How Do I Share?


MyCEwiki is Massage Educator's Public Wiki.

MyCEwiki is currently under development. We are seeking volunteers and work study participants to assist us in developing MyCEwiki.

How MyCEWiki Works

The intent of MyCEwiki is to provide a public forum for Massage Therapists to:

    • Create Free eLearning Courses related to Health and Heathcare.
    • Augment live courses with online resources

    • MyCEWiki is a place to share both factual and experiential knowledge related to Heath and Healthcare.


Wiki Tools

We are currently developing tools to help you learn how to utilize myCEwiki to its fullest potential. These include a number of FREE CE courses teaching wiki skills.

**Let us know if you want to help!




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